Go to Paris

by Wendy
Paris and I go back about twenty years. The inaugural visit was with my sister April right after I graduated from college. The second and third connections were with my husband Jack – a long weekend in January, a summer trip in August. When I learned my sister Sunny was planning a first-time journey to Paris with her husband and daughter, I asked if I could tag along. Sunny said Oui, and we spent a week there earlier this month. Continue reading

Post-trip Packing Post: New Mexico

by Wendy
I have a few trips on the horizon, but a 4 day trip to New Mexico was trickier to pack for than it should have been. This was one of those trips like Iceland/England where I wanted to bring clothes suitable for several different activities: hiking, pool, walking around a city, lounging around a resort. The weather in Albuquerque and Santa Fe could range from 80s during the day to 40s at night. So this was a puzzle. A nice puzzle to have, but a puzzle nonetheless. Continue reading

Molto Bella Restaurants in New Jersey

by Wendy
There are a lot of things I love about New Jersey. Visiting family. Spending a day at the shore. The boardwalk arcades. Seeing landmarks of my husband’s childhood. The accent. I also really love the food in New Jersey.

As Jack will tell you, New Jersey knows Italian food. Even residents without any Italian ancestry have strong opinions on where to get the best cannoli, mozzarella or prosciutto (even if many don’t pronounce the last vowel – it’s “mozzerelle” or “prosciutt”). The New Jersey tomato should have its own blog about how great it is. I might even say New Jersey pizza style is superior to my beloved New York City and Chicago (please, no hate mail). Continue reading

Random DC Tips

by Jack and Wendy
Living and working in DC, Jack and I mingle with tourists on a frequent basis. It’s great to see visitors enjoying their trips to our city. As frequent tourists ourselves, it can be entertaining to observe behaviors from the perspective of locals. Here are a few random tips for the Washington DC tourist: Continue reading

Standing in Line for Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors

by Wendy
I always look forward to spring break visits from my sister April and nephew J. We love hanging out in our DC neighborhood and taking road trips to nearby cities like NYC. Since they’ve been to Washington many times previously, Jack and I always try to design a varied itinerary.

At the top of the list this year are the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture and the temporary Yayoi Kusama “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit at the Hirshhorn. While all Smithsonian museums are busy, these two are generating a lot of buzz. I hadn’t the privilege of seeing either one yet. Both offer free admission, but require timed entry passes due to popularity. The advance online option doesn’t work out, so I must try for same-day timed entry tickets. I’m determined to secure entry to at least one of these coveted attractions, though there’s a good chance this will involve standing in at least one long line. Continue reading

Down to the (Hot)Wire

by Sunny

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For Spring Break 2017, MJ and Jimmy voted on going to Minneapolis to reprise our Mall of America trip of February 2016.  I voted for Vermont (read Wendy’s post here), but I was apparently not very convincing. Long story short, we ended up in neither destination.  Due to our loyalty to nonrevving, we decided less than a week before our trip to cancel our Minneapolis plans and head out west where the flights looked more promising.

Less than a week.

Before Spring Break.

One of THE BUSIEST times of year for air travel and hotel booking.  We literally came right down to the wire when it came to getting a decent place to stay. Then how did we score a four-star resort hotel in Coronado, California on our Minneapolis budget?  One word: Hotwire

Continue reading

¡Visita Islandia!

by Wendy
As I’ve mentioned, Jack and I are trying to learn Spanish. One of the assignments in our class was to create a short tourist brochure. I chose Iceland, and had fun drafting very basic sentences about the country and including a few photos from our trip several months ago. This was right up my alley – kind of like a travel post in Spanish! So I had to share. Continue reading