Dinner in San Sebastian: Part One

by Wendy
It’s evening in San Sebastian/Donostia and we are going for a walk. We join locals and fellow visitors strolling the long stretch of boardwalk that follows the curve of the beautiful coastline. We’re on our way to have dinner in Old Town. Continue reading

Will Hike for Dessert

by Cindy
My husband and I enjoy hiking. We even plan trips around it. Recently we went to Canada. It was our first time in that country and we planned to explore Banff National Park.

Now there are many trails in the park, but the first we chose to do was a famous one we had read about. It was located at Lake Louise. It was called the “Lake Agnes Tea House Trail”. I liked the sound of a tea house! Continue reading

La Perla Spa in San Sebastian

by Wendy
Avoiding rainy beach getaways was not our strong suit this summer. We had our heart set on visiting San Sebastian/Donostia – one of the prettiest city beaches we have ever seen – but there’s rain in the forecast. A week or so before our trip I frantically start searching for ideas on what to do in San Sebastian when it rains. The more I read about La Perla Centro Talaso-Sport, the more I think Jack and I should visit this spa even if it doesn’t rain.

Of course it does rain, so we visit La Perla in the early afternoon hours of a Friday. Wow, this place is a treasure. Continue reading

A Round of Spain Style Gin & Tonics

by Wendy
If only we could have a virtual cocktail party, featuring amazing gin and tonic drinks like the ones they serve in Spain. For those who do not drink alcohol, might I suggest the incredible fresh squeezed orange juice they serve in Spain. Yes, the theme is Spain. We’ll have plates of snacks too, of course. Continue reading

Synchronicity in Paris

by Wendy
Dreamy Paris. City of love and lights, destination for artists and philosophers, historical backdrop for world events, setting of literature and films, longtime muse for creators and students and romantics and travelers. Even when you are walking alone, all your Paris references keep you company. Continue reading

Statistics from a Rainy Beach Weekend

by Wendy
Not all trips go the way you want. Some trips aren’t even that fun. Be appropriately suspicious of those who tell you otherwise, and of whatever they’re selling.

Everyone has a vacation or day off from work that isn’t up to par. You live through it and move on. You try to find something to enjoy, to joke about. I present to you: Statistics from a Rainy Beach Weekend. Continue reading