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Classic Summer

by Jack
There is something fleeting in a summer night. Sitting on a porch at dusk in a humid sponge of clipped sentences and car sounds passing from distant to here to distant again, watching a baseball game in a crisply air-conditioned living room hearing the contented murmur of a far away crowd in the focused lulls of the game, moments that seem to pause and stare before passing. Yet even as we bask in this languorous unfolding of the little, there comes the barely perceptible rush of an outward tide stealing away time at a frantic rate. The game is over, the hour too late for idle conversation, back to school, back to work.

Summer becomes precious early in life, it may be the first thing we realize we have squandered. The first summer after kindergarten arrives like morning after a bad dream and is received with relief and casual appreciation. The end of this summer is the true end of childhood. Continue reading

Stories from Salzburg and The Sound of Music Tour

by Wendy
This year is the 50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music – the beloved, iconic film with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. You know you love it. The romance, suspense, technicolor scenery – and of course, catchy songs. April and I were kids before VHS tapes were ubiquitous, and it was a special event when The Sound of Music was on tv. We got to stay up late and enjoy fresh popcorn with melted butter (no microwave stuff) and during commercial breaks, likely twirled around in our nightgowns like Liesl. So when April and I went to Europe as college students, we decided to go on The Sound of Music Tour. Really. A bus tour of various locations in Salzburg that were used in the making of an American movie classic that we were told Austrians have either never heard of, or can’t stand. What fun! Continue reading


by April

There’s no other city I visit as often as Washington DC and for the past few years my son, “J”, and I have traveled to our nation’s capital each spring.  His first visit was at 5 years old so there’s no surprise he considers it his “home away from home”.   There are no shortage of travel guides for families visiting DC, but since we travel to DC so often, we’ve been able to enjoy the must-sees like the Smithsonian Museums but we’ve also had the chance to get off the beaten path and discover some fun and kid-friendly places.  I recently sat down with my now 9 year old son and as we reminisced about our past trips to DC he pointed out the things that really stood out to him along the way.  Here are some notes from 5 years of travel to Washington DC from a kids’ perspective.  In other words, things that make DC FUN!

While sightseeing on the National Mall take a break to ride the carousel!

While sightseeing on the National Mall take a break to ride the carousel!

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Showing my Disney Side – Snow White

Please welcome my guest Disney Side blogger: my mom, Cindy!  She has an inspiring Disney Side story and outfit to share with you.  Enjoy! ~Sunny

by Cindy

Well, when I was little, there were only three Disney princesses I remember: Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora.  I didn’t have long blonde hair like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, but I could relate to Snow White’s short dark hair.  So I have stuck with her all these years as my favorite Disney princess. Another thing I have in common with Snow White is that I have found my prince and have lived happily ever after! Continue reading

Travel Epistle #1

by Joe
Travel when I was young was much different from travel as I got older. Certainly most people would say the experience of travel changes for us as we mature. In addition to that, and more importantly for me, the feelings, reflections, and the thoughts that are provoked have changed immensely. I suspect this may be somewhat common to us all but I’m not sure if it’s the same for each one of us.  I still enjoy travel on all the basic levels such as the excitement, joy, curiosity, and happiness felt at seeing new places and people for the first time. Even returning to places and events that I go to more than once, but only once in awhile, does the same thing.  But I started to notice in my early adult life, (late teens, and early twenties) that travel also awakened in me a new access to ideas, contemplation, and awareness of self and how I fit into this great universe and perhaps even reality.  I found myself doing some of my best introspective thinking, reflection, and planning while I was traveling.  

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London Loves

by Wendy
I am interested in the people and cultures of all countries I visit, but will always have a special fondness for the UK. Not only was London the first foreign city I ever visited, but even before I traveled there I gravitated toward many British writers, musicians and films/tv shows. When you think about it, you probably do too. Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, Virginia Woolf, The Beatles, The Police, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Sherlock Holmes, Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, Harry Potter, James Bond – this is only a fraction of a long list. Continue reading

Disney Hidden Gems

by Sunny

The sword in the stone: A great photo opportunity that is usually not so crowded.

The Sword in the Stone: a great photo opportunity that is usually not so crowded.

So much of the Disney magic is right out in the open waiting to be enjoyed by the massive crowds each year.  There are a few hidden gems that I like to keep in my back pocket for times of meltdown (probably will happen) and exhaustion (definitely will happen).  These little spots will give you a much needed break and leave you refreshed for more fun!

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Showing my Disney Side – Alice in Wonderland

by Sunny

Week three of showing my Disney side takes me down a rabbit hole to Wonderland!  As per my dear dad’s request, here is my version of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. This came at the perfect time since my middle school students are currently studying the Lewis Carroll poems, “Jabberwocky” and “The Walrus and the Carpenter” in my Literature class.   Pretty cool or as Alice would say, “Curioser and curiouser!”

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