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End of Summer To-do List

by Wendy
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Walk around during your lunch break and enjoy the last few weeks of jacket-free weather

Binge on baseball games. Consider listening to one on the radio, old school. Baseball is classic summer.

If your garden is overrun with tomatoes, try roasting some in the oven with olive oil, oregano and garlic Continue reading

Waiting for Medical Test Results (while trying not to flip out)

by Wendy
Waiting is challenging in the best of times. We tick off the slow workdays before vacation. We get impatient when the person ahead of us in the fast food drive-through seems to be requesting a farm-to-table chef’s tasting menu – and all we want is coffee. We become annoyed with flight delays or when we can’t board multiple metro trains because they’re all so packed. But I think the worst is waiting for medical test results. I hope you have no idea what I’m talking about: that call from a doctor telling you something is wrong, then the horrid cycle of nervous testing, then nervous waiting to get the results, then nervous consultation, and sometimes a few more rounds before some kind of resolution. For those of you who are dealing with anything like this, I’m sorry and it’s not fair and you don’t deserve it. I’m not a doctor and have no medical advice to give, but I can share my own experience of what I did to try and stay relatively calm in this situation. Continue reading

Pack Quick (and get out of Dodge)

by Wendy
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Jack and I take a lot of weekend trips – sometimes only for one night. I used to feel like I needed adequate notice to plan, organize and pack. Now I can be ready in a few minutes’ notice. Part of this is due to practice, but I think part of it is frame of mind. If you’re going away for 1-2 days, you really don’t need much. You can do this without a checklist, and if you forget something it usually is not a big deal. Of course, the situation probably changes if there are kids involved, but you can still pull your stuff together faster. This is how I pack quick. Continue reading