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Post-trip Packing Post: Spain 2 Weeks

by Wendy
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You know we love posts about packing on Looks and Leaps. We’ve written about the summer capsule wadrobe, spring transition, and packing for a ski trip, to name just a few. My recent challenge was two weeks in Europe (mostly Spain but also 2 days in France) with carry-on only. My husband Jack and I each took a carry-on suitcase and figured we could do laundry at some point. My goals were to 1) bring clothes that I really liked wearing, 2) mix and match items for a variety of outfits and 3) avoid any fashion fails. Continue reading

Looks and Leaps Lag

Is anyone else wondering where the month of September went? We haven’t posted much lately, but everyone’s been especially busy wrapping up summer and transitioning to fall. You know how it is! There have been family parties, visits and trips, getting kids back to school, new jobs, a new pet, drafting a fantasy football team, looking for Pope Francis in DC, trying to understand Twitter, binge-watching Justified, cheering baseball teams (Go Mets! says Jack and Wendy. Go Cardinals! says almost everyone else in the fam). We hope to get back in the habit of posting regularly soon. We have lots of stories to share. Hope everyone is doing great!

Moonbow Madness

cumberland falls rainbowby April and Sunny

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Take a full moon on a clear night and a waterfall in Corbin, Kentucky and you will get a rare natural phenomenon known as a moonbow.  One of only two places in the world to view a moonbow on a monthly basis, Cumberland Falls is the most recent state park visited by the Looks and Leaps family.   Take into account that we were also going to be there on the night of a blue moon (the second full moon of a calendar month) and you have some serious moonbow madness going on!

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