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Packing Up the Kids…When They Aren’t Coming With You

by Sunny

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My husband and I were counting the days.  We were booking spa appointments, shopping for sunscreen, and acting like the newlyweds we were 10 years ago.  Celebrating our 10th anniversary is beyond exciting, especially since we booked a reservation at the unique Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica – a trip we’ve been planning since we returned from our honeymoon. Click on the link and you will instantly want to visit – Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  We packed up our daughter, too…to stay at my parents’ house.  It’s kind of bittersweet.  She’s traveled with us on every trip we’ve taken since she was born except for one.  We love traveling with her, but this trip was for the two of us.  Even though she stayed here, there was PLENTY of planning and packing that needed to be done for her.  Read on for tips about packing the kids when they are enjoying a “staycation” while you are on vacation!

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St. Jean de Luz: Princess or Surfer Girl

by Wendy
During our road trip this past September, we drove across the Spanish border to spend a few days in St. Jean de Luz. We were looking forward to seeing this small coastal town in the French Basque Region. We listened to Euskadi radio as we drove through mountain tunnels and watched the scenery turn greener. I’d say expectations were high. Continue reading

Pictures of Pamplona Post

by Wendy
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Jack and I were in Pamplona for one night – probably less than 24 hours total. We usually try to avoid those kind of short stays, but it was a road trip with a full itinerary and we wanted to visit this famous capital of Spain’s Navarre region. Here are a few photos of our time in this elegant city.  Continue reading

Playing Hooky from Thanksgiving

by Wendy
A few years ago, Jack and I decided to do what we always talked about (and surely you have too) and go to the Caribbean for the long Thanksgiving weekend. We love our families, we love spending the holidays with them, we love the traditions, so this was a difficult choice (and one that can make you feel a little guilty). The previous months had been especially busy – work stress, a milestone birthday and resolved health issue – and it felt like the right time to take advantage of that extra day off after Thanksgiving and escape for a 4 day break. Continue reading