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Packing for the Caribbean

by Sunny

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In November, Jimmy and I spent five glorious days in Negril, Jamaica at the Rockhouse Hotel to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  As I was looking through our honeymoon photos (also spent in the Caribbean) I laughed at some of my style choices.  Granted, I could get away with a lot more at the age of 23!  I did most of my shopping for our Jamaica trip during the summer sales when swimsuits and sundresses are cheap and plentiful.  Here’s what I packed for our low-key resort stay,

jamaica wardrobe

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Richmond Rundown

by Wendy
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We had the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in Richmond, Virginia earlier in the month. Jack had a work event, and I was happy to escape the January doldrums and check out a delightful new city. Here’s a brief rundown of our Richmond weekend. Continue reading

The Joy of January

by Wendy
The title is sarcastic. January has got to be one of the most frustrating months to face. It begins by taking down the Christmas tree that’s kept us company for several weeks. Losing that warm glow of holiday lights can make the house feel so bare. Going back to work after enjoying time off, getting back on the scale, facing colder temperatures, trying to find a new dentist because of changed insurance plans…January is a rough wake-up call. And then a blizzard messes with your travel plans. I’m all for being positive and focusing on blessings but sometimes, it’s comforting to complain about dumb stuff as you get back into your game. Do you have the January blues? Has any of this happened to you recently? We can wallow for awhile together. Continue reading

One Year Blog Anniversary

January 2015 marked the launch of Looks and Leaps. Our blog may not be the fanciest, but we are proud that we’ve learned to develop and operate it ourselves. We write our own content and take our own photos. We showcase different perspectives on travel, fashion and other fun topics from Looks and Leaps family members. It has been a fun collaborative and creative space and we encourage other families to give it a try!

On our one-year anniversary, a special thank you to everyone who reads our blog! Thank you to all contributors! Thanks to all who took the time to send a (non-spam) comment, and to those relatives and friends who have shared kind words! Read on for some fun facts/ statistics to date. Continue reading

5-4-3-2-1 Fix It!

by Wendy
Just like the old television character “MacGyver” who was constantly using everyday objects to get himself out of trouble, here are a few tricks I’ve used to temporarily fix various clothes and beauty issues. I can’t guarantee they’ll work in every situation, but you may find something to inspire an even better solution. Above all don’t give up – you can pull it together before you fall apart. Usually. Continue reading