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Valladolid: Miss one Party, Find Another

by Wendy
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For all my posts on Spain, I still haven’t written about one of the stories Jack and I tell the most. It takes place in an area north of Madrid, where Jack had a quick business appointment. I’m convinced that whether you spend 18 days or 18 hours in a Spanish city, you will see or do something interesting. Especially if you stay flexible and change plans as opportunity presents itself.

Enjoying the view from our hotel balcony… the day after the festival

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How to Spend Quality Time in an Airport

by Wendy
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I generally like airports. When I walk through the sliding glass doors, I feel energized by the sense of travel possibilities. Time can feel like it has stopped while you’re in this in-between space; you’re on your way but not there yet. Time is also your main focus – how long to get through security, is my flight delayed, can I order another drink before I have to trek to the gate? Airports can also be annoying, but I am determined to keep liking them. Especially after being inspired by Sunny and MJ, whose recent post proves that they really know how to keep their cool in an airport. Even when the wait is long, or the flight is cancelled, and it’s crowded, my sis and niece stay upbeat. My airport attitude is pretty good, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s how I spend quality time in an airport: Continue reading

An Off-Season Adventure

by Sunny

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In our constant attempt to save money and travel as much as possible, we often search for deals during a city’s off season to take advantage of low rates and small crowds.  Of course, sometimes what we expect to be a relaxing weekend trip shapes up to be a real adventure!  Read about our February  trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota and see why the massive Mall of America was one of the sanest parts of the trip!

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Looks and Leaps List: Travel Dining

We are trying a new series on the blog called Looks and Leaps List, where all 9 writers share a brief perspective on a specific topic – similar to the joint post on our vacation in Hilton Head. We will kick things off with: Travel Dining. This is a subject near and dear to our hearts, as we all think delicious food, interesting restaurants, and memorable meals are an important part of travel. We’ve joked that our family crest should be a knife and fork. What have been your favorite travel dining experiences? Read on to find out some of ours:

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The American Girl Experience

by Sunny and MJ

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Anyone who’s ever had a beloved American Girl doll in their family knows where I’m going with this post!  MJ received her very first American Girl doll from Santa back in December and her 6-year-old world became forever changed!  Maryellen Larkin goes everywhere MJ does: to the grocery, to school for show and tell, to tumbling class, to sleepovers and playdates, and naturally, even on vacation!  We spent President’s Weekend at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnnesota.  MJ and Maryellen enjoyed lots of time at the American Girl Store there.  With the help of MJ, here is a recap of our experience along with tips to share!

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Travel and Mom

by Joe

Mom’s birthday would be March 18th. She would have been 95. However, she died a year ago last October ending a wonderful and beautiful life. Mom was a traveler both physically and mentally. She was a reader, of everything. I think that is why she loved to travel. She was an explorer and a searcher for knowledge. She was a prodigious reader and went to so many places in her mind as a young girl that she wanted to see them for herself. She was an only child and through her teenage years, she took several trips around the US with her mom and dad and sometimes with her aunt Doodee. She was fortunate enough to attend and graduate from the University of Wyoming. As an English major with several years of Latin, French and German she explored, lived with, and became part of many cultures through her extensive reading. She was a several books a week kind of reader up until a year before she died at age 93. She had an incredible life. Continue reading