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Four Tried and True Packing Tips

by Sunny

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Throughout the years as my life has changed, my packing habits have, too.  However, there are some packing tips that hold true for nearly every situation. Whether you are in the Carry-On Camp or Team Checked Bag, here are four of my tried and true packing tips.

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Diary of a Wimpy Hiker

by Wendy
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I am not exactly what you would call an outdoor enthusiast, but I’ve improved a lot.

As a kid I played in the yard but generally preferred sitting on the couch reading. Growing up, I favored sports like volleyball in an air conditioned gym, kickball on a freshly mowed neighborhood lawn or tennis on a nice crisp court. In other words, activities where you didn’t get too dirty and could even wear cute skirts. I never really wanted to go camping, fishing, kayaking, rock-climbing or mountain biking. Continue reading

Coolest Vending Machine: Benefit Cosmetics

by Wendy
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Until they invent a vending machine that delivers a plate of freshly made patatas bravas or croquetas de jamon y queso with a cold glass of cava, I’m deeming the Benefit cosmetics vending machine the coolest.

Have you noticed these in airports? I’ve run across 3 or 4, most recently in Reno/Tahoe and Savannah/Hilton Head, and every time I linger to wistfully admire the candy-color display. There’s something about Benefit’s cute packaging and cheeky product names that makes its brand kinda magnetic for gals who think makeup is fun. Not that their products don’t work well – those I’ve tried certainly do. But part of their allure is that they remind me of the thrill of messing about with blue eyeshadow and frosty pink lipstick as a preteen. Or wearing multi-colored fake eyelashes to a 7th grade mixer which your classmates think is weird but you feel as cool as David Bowie or Cyndi Lauper. I think Benefit celebrates that sense of play and individuality – it’s not just utilitarian makeup. Continue reading

Keep Calm and Check a Bag?

by Wendy
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I have to admit: those of you who check a bag have a point.

This revelation evolved during multiple attempts to cram liquid items for a beach trip into a quart-size bag. It was quite the puzzle. Usually this is fairly easy. I don’t know if I’ve ever spent so long on this aspect of packing. The casualties were two split plastic bags, as well as the hour or so I could have spent doing something else. Continue reading

Advice for Grads (don’t worry, not from me)

by Wendy
Graduation season is wrapping up, with the last of the crowds of students in caps and gowns with proud families blocking downtown sidewalks and slowing traffic. I wish them all well!

While I can understand the importance of marking the occasion, I thought my high school graduation was so boring, I skipped both the college and graduate school ceremonies. After I finished college, my Dad wrote a letter to me that I reread recently. I realize how lucky I am to have such constantly supportive parents, though I have taken it for granted at times. Both he and Mom taught my sisters and me the importance of hard work and education, a commitment to family and faith, and that being a good person matters so much more than being pretty.

I’d like to share some of Dad’s words of wisdom here – they still inspire me today and no commencement speech could ever have meant as much. I think both recent and not so recent grads can appreciate this – especially devoted travelers and aspiring writers. Continue reading