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Summer Uniform

by Wendy
This summer, I noticed there were certain items of clothing that I reached for nearly every weekend. Putting together outfits can be creative and fun, but sometimes it’s nice to have a seasonal uniform/capsule wardobe that you don’t spend too much time and energy thinking about. Could be a leftover habit from my Catholic school days.  Continue reading

Beach Weather Gamble: Part Two

by Wendy
Beach weather gamble Part One was much more dramatic than this story. Just a few weeks ago, Jack and I were looking forward to a weekend getaway in Dewey Beach, Delaware. Then weather reports start predicting rain Friday – Sunday. We almost cancel, but decide to go for it. Let’s see your cards, Dewey Beach! We can deal with a little rain. Continue reading

Beach Weather Gamble: Part One

by Wendy
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How many times have you obsessively checked the weather leading up to a beach visit, only to be totally surprised by the weather that actually occurs.

Years ago, Jack and I went to one of our favorite islands, Puerto Rico, for a week’s stay. We arrive to warm tropical sun, settle in at a cool resort with several beautiful pools in front of a beautiful beach, and bask in the first day vacation glow with drinks at the outdoor tiki hut. Later that evening, the bartender we’re chatting with mentions that severe weather might be on the way. The next day’s skies are mild, but then a note from the hotel slides under the door informing us that Hurricane Irene’s path now indicates that it will hit the island and could we please move all balcony patio furniture inside? Continue reading

Summer in the City

by Sunny

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The classic beach vacation or the traditional theme park vacation are both staples for summer travel.  However, there are those of us who love to explore a new city during the summer months, too.  Along with the crowds, summer travel to the city also comes with suffering through the oppressive heat that hits the US hard in July and August.    Don’t let the sweltering temperatures stop you.  Travel smart in the heat and try some of these ideas the next time you jet to a city in the summer.

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