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More Love for London

by Wendy
I’ve written a lot about London. It’s like the blog is called Looks and Leaps and London. I can’t help it! I love this city and would happily travel there more often if I could. Here are a few more reasons why for those of you who aren’t sick of hearing about it. Continue reading

Favorite Photos from Iceland

by Wendy
When blogging about an Iceland road trip, images take center stage. I asked my fellow travel companions Jack, Mom (Cindy) and Joe (Dad) to choose a favorite photo or two and write a few sentences to accompany it. Continue reading

A Walk thru the Fire Garden

by Joe
What ‘da heck is a Fire Garden?  Doesn’t really sound refreshing or serene but it is quite a one of a kind experience.  While my wife Cindy and I were on a trip to London with our daughter Wendy and her husband Jack, we unexpectedly ran into a most unusual event.  Much like the surprise we all bumped into in Cordoba, Spain two years ago.  In the latter instance it was a huge religious procession that contained many enormous man powered floats, large numbers of clergy, altar boys, and lay people moving through the downtown streets of the city until dawn.  We had no idea we were going to be experiencing such a treat on our visit there.  The one in London was the 350th anniversary commemoration of the great fire of London!  We had no idea we would be seeing this one either. Continue reading

Raleigh and Durham in a Day

by Sunny

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When we were gifted a hotel stay in Durham, North Carolina it was obvious to us baseball fans  to travel there in the summer to see some AAA baseball.  What else to do in these side by side cities?  Check out our itinerary!

Continue reading

A Few Fall Photos

by Wendy
October, November and December are busy months for Jack at work, so our travel is often limited to day trips or family visits during the holidays. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and while I would love to see Madrid or Rome or Cophenhagen (the list goes on) this time of year, we have many beautiful weekends in the Mid-Atlantic. Here are a few photos of fall, both past and present. Next week I’ll probably go back to writing about London and Iceland.

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An Afternoon at Parliament

by Wendy
Next time you’re in London, consider booking a guided tour of Parliament followed by afternoon tea. That’s right, you can actually drink tea in a House of Commons dining room! This is a cool activity for anyone interested in England, history, politics, the Queen, or a fine afternoon tea. Continue reading