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Sea Pines at HHI – The Perfect Beach Vacation

by Joe
My what a great week I just spent in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island (HHI). If you’re not sure where Sea Pines is located just check out the coast of SC. It’s smack down in between Charleston and Savannah. A great southern state and typically referred to as the “lowlands” in this part of the USA! But that’s not why it was perfect.

The location is close to a huge part of the US population and in most cases can be an easy drive. From Louisville, KY it’s about a 10.5 hour drive which is about as quick as you can get to the ocean from our city. Florida (gulf side) is the same as well a few locations further north. But that’s not why it was perfect. Continue reading

Favorite Paris Cafes and their Fabulous Foods

by Wendy
Sunday passed in a jet lag fog, with the Roissy bus from the airport, sleepy walk around the neighborhood, settling in our hotel, slightly dazed dinner and early bedtime. Monday we woke a little more alert and very hungry. We wandered a few blocks to a place we spotted the evening before, Cafe Dalayrac, to order petit dejeuner, or breakfast.

It was a gorgeous day around 11am, and we sat on the border of outside/inside seating so we could watch the street scene and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The basic petit dejeuner a la francaise is about 7 euros: boisson chaude (hot drink like coffee, tea or hot chocolate), une viennoiserie ou tartine (either a croissant pastry or bread with butter and jam), and jus d’orange (orange juice). For another 7 euros, you have petit dejeuner anglais, with an added dish of 2 oeufs au choix (eggs of your choice): au plat (fried sunny side up), brouilles (scrambled), or omelette. We opted for the anglais, which was delicious, and thus began our fond friendship with Cafe Dalayrac. Continue reading

Go to Paris

by Wendy
Paris and I go back about twenty years. The inaugural visit was with my sister April right after I graduated from college. The second and third connections were with my husband Jack – a long weekend in January, a summer trip in August. When I learned my sister Sunny was planning a first-time journey to Paris with her husband and daughter, I asked if I could tag along. Sunny said Oui, and we spent a week there earlier this month. Continue reading

Post-trip Packing Post: New Mexico

by Wendy
I have a few trips on the horizon, but a 4 day trip to New Mexico was trickier to pack for than it should have been. This was one of those trips like Iceland/England where I wanted to bring clothes suitable for several different activities: hiking, pool, walking around a city, lounging around a resort. The weather in Albuquerque and Santa Fe could range from 80s during the day to 40s at night. So this was a puzzle. A nice puzzle to have, but a puzzle nonetheless. Continue reading