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Philadelphia Follow Up

by Wendy
I have a few more tips to share since my last post on the fabulous city of Philadelphia. Jack and I spent a couple of days here after the Thanksgiving holiday and our fondness for Philadelphia continues to grow. Continue reading

Post-trip Packing Post: New Mexico

by Wendy
I have a few trips on the horizon, but a 4 day trip to New Mexico was trickier to pack for than it should have been. This was one of those trips like Iceland/England where I wanted to bring clothes suitable for several different activities: hiking, pool, walking around a city, lounging around a resort. The weather in Albuquerque and Santa Fe could range from 80s during the day to 40s at night. So this was a puzzle. A nice puzzle to have, but a puzzle nonetheless. Continue reading

Molto Bella Restaurants in New Jersey

by Wendy
There are a lot of things I love about New Jersey. Visiting family. Spending a day at the shore. The boardwalk arcades. Seeing landmarks of my husband’s childhood. The accent. I also really love the food in New Jersey.

As Jack will tell you, New Jersey knows Italian food. Even residents without any Italian ancestry have strong opinions on where to get the best cannoli, mozzarella or prosciutto (even if many don’t pronounce the last vowel – it’s “mozzerelle” or “prosciutt”). The New Jersey tomato should have its own blog about how great it is. I might even say New Jersey pizza style is superior to my beloved New York City and Chicago (please, no hate mail). Continue reading

New to New England

By Sunny

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To celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, Jimmy and I spent a weekend in Portland, Maine.

Yes, it was the other Portland that was on our 2016 travel list.

And yes, last year we went to the unforgettable Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica to celebrate our first decade together.

So how did we end up in Maine?

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Always Fond of Philadelphia

by Wendy
Philadelphia is one of Jack and my favorite American cities, especially for a weekend getaway. The first time we traveled together was to Philadelphia and we’ve been back many times since, including a fun day trip with my parents several years ago.

Some streets might remind you of New York City, others of Boston, or maybe even Chicago. Philadelphia is beautiful and gritty and worn in the way old cities are – you can sense what residents and tourists of centuries past were seeing as you walk the same streets. But like any great city, Philadelphia is unique. Read on to learn why I’m so fond of Philadelphia. Continue reading

Raleigh and Durham in a Day

by Sunny

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When we were gifted a hotel stay in Durham, North Carolina it was obvious to us baseball fans  to travel there in the summer to see some AAA baseball.  What else to do in these side by side cities?  Check out our itinerary!

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Love for St. Louis

by Sunny

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Although I’ve never called this city home, there is something about being in St. Louis that feels close to home.  Is it the fact that my beloved Cardinals  are there?  The fact that it is also a Midwestern city? Maybe because it is in driving distance of my own hometown?  Enjoy this  photo essay showing the many reasons I love St. Louis.

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New York City Tips

by April, JA, Wendy and Jack

Earlier this month, we spent part of Spring Break in New York City. Despite the rain and the chilly weather, we had Big fun in the Big Apple. Here are a few tips from each of us based on our recent trip.  Continue reading

How to Spend Quality Time in an Airport

by Wendy
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I generally like airports. When I walk through the sliding glass doors, I feel energized by the sense of travel possibilities. Time can feel like it has stopped while you’re in this in-between space; you’re on your way but not there yet. Time is also your main focus – how long to get through security, is my flight delayed, can I order another drink before I have to trek to the gate? Airports can also be annoying, but I am determined to keep liking them. Especially after being inspired by Sunny and MJ, whose recent post proves that they really know how to keep their cool in an airport. Even when the wait is long, or the flight is cancelled, and it’s crowded, my sis and niece stay upbeat. My airport attitude is pretty good, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s how I spend quality time in an airport: Continue reading