More Love for London

by Wendy
I’ve written a lot about London. It’s like the blog is called Looks and Leaps and London. I can’t help it! I love this city and would happily travel there more often if I could. Here are a few more reasons why for those of you who aren’t sick of hearing about it.

London has many great hotel options in many interesting neighborhoods. During this recent trip, we stayed at the Grange St. Paul, an elegant hotel near St. Paul’s Cathedral. A couple of Underground stations were nearby, with an easy walk to the Millennium bridge. The stunning atrium had a Starbucks with friendly baristas, as well as convenient access to Style & Blow Salon. Let me explain why this was important: after swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, my hair felt and looked like tangled straw. Mom and I decided to book morning appointments at Style & Blow soon after arriving in London. The stylists were kind and we left with hair almost as smooth and shiny as the Duchess of Cambridge.

I love how people in England say “All right?” as an alternative to “Hello” or “How are you”. Chances are you will have noticed this already if you watch as many Britcoms and reruns of Eastenders as I do. For example, someone walks into your elevator, nods and says, “All right?” Or you’re wandering around a museum that’s about to close and a staff member says, “All right?” When you observe acquaintances greeting each other, it sounds like less of a question, and more like a statement, “All right Wendy.” Love it.

Speaking of British television shows, does this look familiar? Sherlock’s digs in London? Speedy’s cafe was closed on Sunday, but it was still worth a quick walk from Euston Station.

For a big city, London is polite. Well, ignore that one snotty hotel concierge or those dudes in the bar who are cursing loudly. Can’t generalize about an entire city. But there was a hostess who informed us of a disappointing 2 hour wait, yet still managed to be totally charming. We encountered lots of jovial restaurant staff. And be sure to check out the stories about the nice folks who invited Dad and me to crash their party, or the woman who walked with us to the underground station. Oh, and London taxi drivers – very impressed! I had only used public transportation on previous visits, but after three taxi rides grew to appreciate the convenience and efficiency.

Finally, the bridges in London are so beautiful.

I get teary-eyed watching that scene in Harry Potter 5 when they fly into London at night with the Thames River, bridges and shining lights of the city below.

While London is not the only international city that inspires so many posts, it’s a longtime favorite of mine. Love you, London!

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