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Books Read in 2017

by Wendy
One of my resolutions was to read 24 books in 2017. I reached the goal and look forward to aiming for it again in 2018. The list of what I read over the past year follows. It’s an assortment of American, French, English, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish writers. Some are classics, some were recently published, and some I’ve read previously and wanted to revisit. I actually love to reread books, which is a good thing because we have an extensive collection and it helps save money.  Continue reading

My Favorite Reads of 2016

by Wendy
I kept a list of books I read this year and met my goal of 12 – barely. Here are a few favorites – keep in mind these were not necessarily published in 2016, but ones I read (or reread in 2016). Last year’s list is here. When you cannot travel as much as you want, reading is a great substitute.  Continue reading

Read This, Travel Here

by Sunny

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There is nothing better than picking out the perfect novel to take on your next trip. But wouldn’t you agree there are some books that inspire you to travel or get you super psyched to visit a new destination?  Here are four suggestions for books to read before you travel to that new city.

Continue reading