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Favorite Dive Bars

by Wendy
What constitutes a great dive bar? I’ve read articles and watched television shows dedicated to the topic. Does a dive bar by definition have to be at least 10 years old? Can a dive bar serve delicious food? Is a dive bar allowed to remodel anything? What if it gets “discovered” – still a dive bar? Who knew it could be so controversial.

I’m no expert. The older I get, the more I gravitate to places not too crowded but lively, not too expensive but with a decent menu, not overly-stylized but with clean facilities. Yet I can think of a few dive bars that have been special to me in the past. Continue reading

Random DC Tips

by Jack and Wendy
Living and working in DC, Jack and I mingle with tourists on a frequent basis. It’s great to see visitors enjoying their trips to our city. As frequent tourists ourselves, it can be entertaining to observe behaviors from the perspective of locals. Here are a few random tips for the Washington DC tourist: Continue reading

Standing in Line for Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors

by Wendy
I always look forward to spring break visits from my sister April and nephew J. We love hanging out in our DC neighborhood and taking road trips to nearby cities like NYC. Since they’ve been to Washington many times previously, Jack and I always try to design a varied itinerary.

At the top of the list this year are the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture and the temporary Yayoi Kusama “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit at the Hirshhorn. While all Smithsonian museums are busy, these two are generating a lot of buzz. I hadn’t the privilege of seeing either one yet. Both offer free admission, but require timed entry passes due to popularity. The advance online option doesn’t work out, so I must try for same-day timed entry tickets. I’m determined to secure entry to at least one of these coveted attractions, though there’s a good chance this will involve standing in at least one long line. Continue reading

Things I Love About Washington DC

by Wendy
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After visiting a cool city, I realized I have a post-trip habit of telling Jack that we must find a way to move to New York/ Madrid/ London/ Paris/ Copenhagen/ San Sebastian etc. This goes on for a week or so and I’m sure it’s annoying. As much as Jack agrees that those places are amazing – and while he’s not opposed to visiting them often or even relocating for a period of time – Jack patiently reminds me that we already live in a great city.

When I moved to Washington, DC over 15 years ago, I honestly thought it was temporary. I had previously lived in Chicago for a year and figured I would spend 2-3 years in DC before settling someplace new. Funny how life works out. And while the choice to stay was originally due to Jack stealing my heart – not the city – I have grown very fond of DC and am happy to call it home. Below are a few things I love about Washington, DC. Continue reading


by April

There’s no other city I visit as often as Washington DC and for the past few years my son, “J”, and I have traveled to our nation’s capital each spring.  His first visit was at 5 years old so there’s no surprise he considers it his “home away from home”.   There are no shortage of travel guides for families visiting DC, but since we travel to DC so often, we’ve been able to enjoy the must-sees like the Smithsonian Museums but we’ve also had the chance to get off the beaten path and discover some fun and kid-friendly places.  I recently sat down with my now 9 year old son and as we reminisced about our past trips to DC he pointed out the things that really stood out to him along the way.  Here are some notes from 5 years of travel to Washington DC from a kids’ perspective.  In other words, things that make DC FUN!

While sightseeing on the National Mall take a break to ride the carousel!

While sightseeing on the National Mall take a break to ride the carousel!

Continue reading