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Philadelphia Follow Up

by Wendy
I have a few more tips to share since my last post on the fabulous city of Philadelphia. Jack and I spent a couple of days here after the Thanksgiving holiday and our fondness for Philadelphia continues to grow. Continue reading

10 Things I Loved About A Lake House Weekend

by Wendy
1) A change of scenery. As much as I love cities, I appreciated being out in the country, surrounded by family, tranquill trees, Kentucky bluegrass and greenish lake, lightening bugs and quiet.

2) Driving a boat for the first time. Feeling the warm sun and breeze cutting through a humid afternoon as you steer through the water. Stopping in the shade for some of us to swim, all of us to relax and talk and laugh. Continue reading

Always Fond of Philadelphia

by Wendy
Philadelphia is one of Jack and my favorite American cities, especially for a weekend getaway. The first time we traveled together was to Philadelphia and we’ve been back many times since, including a fun day trip with my parents several years ago.

Some streets might remind you of New York City, others of Boston, or maybe even Chicago. Philadelphia is beautiful and gritty and worn in the way old cities are – you can sense what residents and tourists of centuries past were seeing as you walk the same streets. But like any great city, Philadelphia is unique. Read on to learn why I’m so fond of Philadelphia. Continue reading

Richmond Rundown

by Wendy
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We had the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in Richmond, Virginia earlier in the month. Jack had a work event, and I was happy to escape the January doldrums and check out a delightful new city. Here’s a brief rundown of our Richmond weekend. Continue reading

Weekend Trip – Lake Barkley State Resort Park

by April

I love to get away for a weekend and consider it all the better if I don’t have to go far to feel a world away.  If you live in or near a state with fantastic resort parks, a fun and affordable trip may not be far from your back yard.  I recently traveled to Lake Barkley State Resort Park in Cadiz, KY with my son, sister, niece and parents for a weekend adventure not far from home.

Continue reading