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Looking Ahead

by Wendy
When manic weather swings from balmy to cold rain, and New Year’s motivation has left the party long ago, and you’re powering through the work routine in the daytime and hibernating at home in the evening, travel adventures can feel far away from reality. Looking back at old photos helps spark inspiration, as well as the reassurance to keep looking ahead. There will be beauty on both familiar and unfamiliar paths. Continue reading

Winter Sports Appreciation in Park City

by Wendy
Jack and I went skiing in Park City, Utah this past January. Just like two years ago, we missed the powder. I appreciated the warmer temperatures but residents kept apologizing for lack of snow. Jack would shake his head and say to me, “This is just like skiing on the East Coast.”

Yet we had a wonderful trip. The beautiful scenery beckons you to go outside and stay outside! Even for a hesitant skier like me, the sporty, cheerful Canyons Village lures me into believing I’m an athlete. Continue reading

A Snowy Stop in Stowe, Vermont

by Wendy
Jack and I kicked off January 2017 with full week of travel, including a road trip to a state I’d never visited before: Vermont. We spent 3 days in the beautiful snowy town of Stowe.

Last year I wrote about my determination to participate in more outdoor activities, and it is sometimes surprising how much I am enjoying winter weather. This short destination report may help anyone considering a vacation in Stowe, but especially goes out to my fellow guys and gals who might dread the cold or are apprehensive about skiing. It’s possible to shift your approach and rekindle lost love for snow days. Continue reading

Postcard from Winter

by Wendy
Jack took this great photo a couple of weeks ago. There are still traces of the snow around the city, and it’s been really cold. More flurries may be on the way this weekend. Winter wonderland, right? All is well, just trying to get back into the blogging habit when it feels like my creative ideas are in hibernation. Hoping to break the ice soon. Stay warm and safe!

Chilly Chic

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live but for me and my sisters the past few weeks have been a bit messy.  Lots of snow followed by sub zero temperatures, ice, sleet, and then rain has made going about daily routines a challenge to say the least and it’s altered the wardrobe quite a bit.  A dress with tights with cute heels to work? Not happening.  Skinny jeans with flats on the weekend?  Not unless you want to loose toes to frostbite.  So which items came to the rescue for form, function, and style in this brutal winter weather?  Here are a few MVPs:

Continue reading

A Dress for all Seasons

A Dress for all Seasons
by Sunny
Two years ago, my sister, Wendy, bought me this dress; a gift for my birthday. At that time, there were no H&M stores in my hometown, so I was thrilled to be getting a dress that I would more than likely not see on anyone else around town. I wore it out that night for my birthday dinner and have worn it regularly ever since. I also found that I could change the look of the dress to fit the season. In fact, I feel that I can make this dress work for all four seasons. Take a look below and decide for yourself! Continue reading