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The Hawaii Diaries: Days 10-12

By Joe

Day 10: Beach day and a Luau
After a long day yesterday of exploring the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a relaxing day by the beach sounded beachy. Cindy and I ate breakfast at a Starbucks and headed for the beach. We tried to snorkel early but the water was not cooperating as it was not very clear. No worries, the beach chairs felt fine. Continue reading

The Hawaii Diaries: Days 7-9

Lava Pit

by Joe
Day 7: Reposition Day
Later today we leave Maui and head to the Big Island. Our flight on Hawaiian Air does not leave until this afternoon so we have time for breakfast and a nice hike down to the black sand beach we found the first day we arrived. It’s in a state park and not many people there this morning. We packed up to leave a great hotel. The Makena Beach and Golf Resort is a wonderful place and highly recommended. Large rooms, beautiful quiet beach, great food and attentive and friendly staff. It is the last hotel in the string of great hotels in the Wailea area, but the further away you get from the mega hotels adds to the Hawaiian look and feel of the place. We’re sad to leave this spot but looking forward to visiting an island we’ve not seen yet.  Continue reading

Escape from the city: Introduction

Another DC rush hour

Another DC rush hour

My husband has agreed to write a series of posts on some of his favorite weekend road trips. Jack (not Kerouac, though the style is similar) has always lived on the East Coast. While he loves cities, he also has a deep appreciation for small towns, country and coastal landscapes, mountains and woods – and has helped me appreciate them more as well. Combined with history and humor, this makes for a good read.
– Wendy

Escape from the City: Introduction
by Jack

It’s the weekend.
I want to trade the smell of bus diesel and the sound of angry commuters laying on their horns for scents more marine or arboreal in nature and maybe at some point something close to silence.

So I hit the road. Continue reading

The Hawaii Diaries: Days 4-6

by Joe

Day 4: Tennis, snorkeling and shopping

The Makena Beach and Golf Resort has a tennis center with 6 hard courts of which 2 are lighted. $20 per person per day and they will work with you to get you on the court. Make reservations because it appeared to be a popular place. The courts were nice and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. We played at 10 am and it was already getting warm but a breeze kept you comfortable. After playing about an hour and a half we walked back to the hotel. We found a great place to enjoy the sun on a little bluff overlooking the ocean and beach. Continue reading

The Hawaii Diaries: Days 1-3

Early morning in Maui

Early morning in Maui

The Looks and Leaps sisters have been recruiting other storytellers in our family to write for the blog. We’re so pleased that our dear Dad, Joe, has shared a wonderful trip journal from the tropical paradise of Hawaii! Hope you enjoy as much as we did! Stay tuned for further installments!

– April, Sunny, Wendy

The Hawaii Diaries: Days 1-3
by Joe

Prologue: Why we came
Late last year my beautiful bride Cindy and I were trying to decide where to go to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We considered many wonderful ideas and finally decided to return to one of our most favorite places we’ve ever been (and the location of our 25th anniversary trip): Hawaii. Continue reading

Spring Break Alternatives

by Sunny

As a teacher, it should come as no surprise that I a) love Spring Break and b) try to avoid destinations where my students are going. That glorious week in early April is reserved for spending time away from my school family and close to my immediate family.  While most of the families at my school head south to the Florida panhandle, I have other destinations in mind.  Check out my top three Spring Break alternative getaways:


Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona

Continue reading

Ode to 24/7 London Polo Bar

Yes we're drinking Italian beer in London. So? Look at that BURGER.

Yes we’re drinking Italian beer in London. So? Look at that BURGER.

By Wendy
My husband Jack and I arrived in London late on a Thursday night. Our flight from Copenhagen was running behind schedule. Our customs officer was chatty. And in our haste to purchase Heathrow Express tickets, we failed to read the “no change given” sign on that particular machine. So we spent a few more minutes explaining our embarrassing error to the kind airport staff, who reimbursed us and sent us on our way. The Heathrow Express was super fast – but the underground train traveling between Paddington our destination stalled at several stations. We were a little impatient but not at all cranky – we were in London! Continue reading

Budget in the City

Me on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC

Me on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC

by Sunny

Let’s face it: traveling can be expensive. The cost of transportation and lodging are necessary, but add the cost of meals, sightseeing activities, and souvenirs and the expenses add up quickly. Here are some ways that my family keeps expenses low while traveling to our favorite cities. Continue reading