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Escape from the City: The Full Relax

by Jack

The perfect weekend getaway.
Often the effort and expense of these short trips can leave you wondering whether you would have been just as happy with a walk to the local watering hole followed by some Netflixation. Going somewhere new, centering on weather dependent activities, pushing the envelope on time, all bring in some risk to the trip, admittedly with no small reward if everything clicks, but often inviting frustration and disappointment. So it follows going somewhere tried and true, with numerous different activities, just far enough away to be considered a trip, is about as risk free as it gets. Continue reading

San Francisco Bonus Edition

by Wendy
I think Sunny’s recent post on San Francisco is spot on. If you’re only in the city for a couple of days, be sure to check out her must-sees. Since several of my dear in-laws live in the area, I’ve been lucky to visit several times, so I have a few extra tips for anyone planning a longer stay. San Francisco is so beautiful! Continue reading

Stylin’ for Spring Travel

By April, Wendy, and Sunny

It’s Spring!  After a couple of rounds of snow and ice and dangerously cold temperatures, I am ready to welcome in the warmer weather and the opportunity to wear something other than tights, boots, sweaters, coats and hats.  But I find spring the hardest season to transition to for some reason.  Is it the comfort of the cold weather clothes, the yo-yo temperatures of March and April?  Regardless of the reason, it is time to come up with some ideas to keeping the Spring wardrobe fun, functional and season appropriate.  My Looks and Leaps sisters and I would like to share are favorite spring transition pieces from our recent travels.  Share yours with us!

Continue reading

Enjoy the Journey – even more activities for kids!

by April

Picture 001

Even with a light saber, would Mickey Mouse stand a chance against Batman?


As I’ve posted before, whether you are traveling by plane or by car, it always pays to prepare for down time when traveling with kids.  When you’ve exhausted the classic games and songs, here a few more fun (and free!) ideas for keeping everyone entertained on road trip – no extra packing required!

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Black Dresses: Closet Superstars

by Wendy
Jack and I were invited to a very cool party a few months ago by one of his work colleagues, who was celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary and birth of a child. I started getting ready about an hour before we had to leave, which is admittedly cutting it a bit close if you really want to primp. However, I was making progress and feeling pretty well put together 20 minutes before departure.

T-20: Select the dress. I already had one in mind. Floral print, a little gauzy but with longer sleeves, looks appropriate for the winter season. Can be worn with sheer black tights. I haven’t worn this in awhile but move around and discover that yes, it still feels comfortable and looks fine. Continue reading

Tourist’s Delight: San Francisco

by Sunny

Has anyone else out there seen Big Hero Six so many times that you just had to make a trip across the country to get a San Francisco fix?  Anyone? No? Really?

Ok, maybe that’s not the only reason we added San Francisco to our trip, but it’s definitely why we started talking about the city in the first place.  The movie is set in the fictional city of San Fransokyo and since Tokyo seemed a little daunting for a Spring Break trip, we booked a room on San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf instead. Here are the delightful highlights! Continue reading

Tourist’s Delight: Seattle

By Sunny

When visiting a city for the first time, we tend to go the basic route and hit the touristy highlights.  My theory: if I never get back to that city, there are certain things (usually touristy things) that I want to say that I’ve seen or done.  Sometimes the hype doesn’t live up to the expectations, but on our recent trip to the west coast we were not disappointed.  Here are the delightful highlights of our first trip to Seattle, Washington! Continue reading