Monthly Archives: February 2016

Past Pictures from Perfect Paris

by Wendy
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Like many other travelers, I LOVE Paris. I’ve been lucky enough to visit several times, but the last trip was in 2007. Too long ago. I’ve been missing it and spent some time recently looking through old photos.

Paris has been written about so much that many of the descriptions feel cliche, however accurate they may be. I’ve tried to write about my appreciation of France before. For this post, I thought I would write fewer words, and instead share a sample of photos that might reveal a little of the magic of Paris. The beautiful buildings, mysterious Churches, the love of art and beauty (and champagne), the iconic sites and neatly kept parks, the eclectic and stylish neighborhoods, the winding streets leading to your own Paris discoveries. Before you know it, you’re swept off your feet. Continue reading

Ways I Save Money for Travel

by Wendy
Trying to save more money for travel? I love reading about the different methods people use to budget for vacations and trips, but am surprised by the strident tone some authors take on the subject. Personal finance is…well, personal, and the practicality and importance of travel varies for every person and every budget. Here are a few ways that Jack and I save money for travel – but note that it’s what works for us, personally. We’re a couple with no kids, both working full-time jobs. We agree that travel is a high priority but one that must be balanced with the expense of everyday life in a big city. We splurge on some things, save on others, and try to plan ahead. I’m not being Judge Judgerson if your approach is different. Continue reading

Weekend R&R (Repairs and Recreation)

by Wendy
We had a great weekend recently, when Dad (Joe) traveled to DC to help us tackle labor-intensive home repairs. It was impressive to see what Jack and Dad accomplished in a matter of days. They’re both hard workers and work well together. Both have a calm presence that is reassuring to me (important when large chunks of your ceiling are suddenly missing). Not only did we save money going the do-it-yourself route, but it was fun! Home repairs can be stressful – but staying relaxed and leaving time for recreation makes all the difference. Continue reading

Postcard from Winter

by Wendy
Jack took this great photo a couple of weeks ago. There are still traces of the snow around the city, and it’s been really cold. More flurries may be on the way this weekend. Winter wonderland, right? All is well, just trying to get back into the blogging habit when it feels like my creative ideas are in hibernation. Hoping to break the ice soon. Stay warm and safe!