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A Heel of a Good Shoe

by Wendy
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Jack and I met up after errands on a mild Spring evening and decided to walk to a popular French restaurant in a trendy neighborhood. We were seated at one of the cafe tables lining the sidewalk in a row. The weather was perfect for outdoor dining, and we ordered wine and steak frites. As I strolled back to our table after a quick trip to the powder room, I spotted it. A beautiful shoe. Kind of a platform, ankle strap, with a high, colorfully-striped blocked heel. Like a shoe out of those mesmerizing Dolce&Gabbana magazine ads where everyone’s wearing elegant black lace or vibrant sundresses and giant sparkly accessories while chowing down on pasta in Sicily – and it all looks impractical and totally believable at the same time. I didn’t notice the shoe owner’s outfit. She had her leg crossed and the cool shoe was dangling out there daring all of us to be jealous. I nearly stopped to compliment the shoe and in a different mood, I might have. Instead I returned to Jack and our lovely evening, a bit more conscious of my choice of ballet flats. Continue reading

New York City Tips

by April, JA, Wendy and Jack

Earlier this month, we spent part of Spring Break in New York City. Despite the rain and the chilly weather, we had Big fun in the Big Apple. Here are a few tips from each of us based on our recent trip.  Continue reading

Disneyland 60th Anniversay Celebration

by Sunny

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So as a big surprise to no one, we visited a Disney Park during Spring Break.  We chose Disneyland this year for several reasons: the weather, the smaller crowds, the ability to walk between parks, and the fact that Disneyland is still celebrating its 60th Anniversary.   While we usually visit Walt Disney World in Florida, this wasn’t our first time to Disneyland.  But it was the first trip that Jimmy’s mom had ever been to a Disney Park.  Ever!  We spent our three days in Disneyland well, mixing the classics with the brand new attractions.

Continue reading

Things I Love About Washington DC

by Wendy
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After visiting a cool city, I realized I have a post-trip habit of telling Jack that we must find a way to move to New York/ Madrid/ London/ Paris/ Copenhagen/ San Sebastian etc. This goes on for a week or so and I’m sure it’s annoying. As much as Jack agrees that those places are amazing – and while he’s not opposed to visiting them often or even relocating for a period of time – Jack patiently reminds me that we already live in a great city.

When I moved to Washington, DC over 15 years ago, I honestly thought it was temporary. I had previously lived in Chicago for a year and figured I would spend 2-3 years in DC before settling someplace new. Funny how life works out. And while the choice to stay was originally due to Jack stealing my heart – not the city – I have grown very fond of DC and am happy to call it home. Below are a few things I love about Washington, DC. Continue reading

The Fun of Repeat Visits: Disney Edition

by Sunny

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Spring Break is upon us, and it seems every conversation begins with, “So, do you have big plans for Spring Break?”  And yes, we are going to Disneyland!  No surprise to those who know us well, but in talking with other families, you hear about other points of view about visiting Disney.  I recently heard a tale about a 9-day beginning of summer trip to Disney World.  While that trip was no doubt expensive, it also allowed plenty of time to experience nearly everything while still having some down time at the pool.  If you are only taking the kids to Disney once or twice, I say go for a trip like this!  We visit every year, so our trips are much shorter (3-4 days).  We would rather be able to get our annual dose of Disney in shorter amounts, than only go once or twice during MJ’s childhood.  But the question remains: Is there really any difference between going at the age of 3 AND 4?  Will a 2-year-old really enjoy it?  Here are some of my favorite things about visiting Disney year after year. Continue reading