2017 Resolutions

by Wendy
Will recording personal resolutions on this blog make it more likely that I’ll keep them? Probably not, but here goes.

(Keep trying to) Learn Spanish – In an effort to embarrass ourselves less when traveling to beloved countries like Spain, Jack and I took a conversational Spanish course last fall. Of course, this meant getting used to a certain degree of embarrassment during a 3 hour long class each week. It was hard to set aside time for homework, and we even had two tests! Seriously, this course was a challenge, but very rewarding. We learned a lot and know it just takes more and more practice to build skills and confidence.

Read More Books – I think I can double my goal of 12 books a year. This resolution will be a pleasure to attempt.

Healthy Habits – Oh it’s so cliche, but I would be foolish to ignore the reality. I could drink more water, get more exercise, eat more vegetables. I did really well at making all routine doctors’ appointments last year, and will try to continue the pattern although I usually dread each one. I want to be more consistently kind/grateful, and infrequently anxious/stressed.

Keep Travel a Priority – This is an ongoing resolution. I’m always thinking of ways to get to Europe more often, and would love to explore new continents! I treasure the trips to new and favorite U.S. cities, and visits to see our families. January is off to a great start, as we’ve already spent a fun week visiting family and friends in Kentucky, New Jersey and Massachusetts – as well as a stop in Vermont for skiing!

Finally, I look forward to another year of writing for Looks and Leaps! It’s been fun maintaining this little space on the internet with my sisters and other family members. Here’s to more good stories in 2017!

Did you make any resolutions this year? Best of luck to all of us!