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Synchronicity in Paris

by Wendy
Dreamy Paris. City of love and lights, destination for artists and philosophers, historical backdrop for world events, setting of literature and films, longtime muse for creators and students and romantics and travelers. Even when you are walking alone, all your Paris references keep you company. Continue reading

Statistics from a Rainy Beach Weekend

by Wendy
Not all trips go the way you want. Some trips aren’t even that fun. Be appropriately suspicious of those who tell you otherwise, and of whatever they’re selling.

Everyone has a vacation or day off from work that isn’t up to par. You live through it and move on. You try to find something to enjoy, to joke about. I present to you: Statistics from a Rainy Beach Weekend. Continue reading

3 Tips for Booking a Walt Disney World Vacation

by Sunny

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  1.  Research on the website – And be sure to look at ALL of your package options.  We had received a coupon code in the mail for up to 30% off select rooms during the time we were hoping to visit.  Other deals on the website included Magical Holiday room deals, and Room Only deals. However, the deal we settled on was the basic Room and Ticket Package.  It got us the room we wanted for the price we wanted.  You see, the specialty deals, like the one we got in the mail, greatly limits the amount of rooms available for the discount.  So unless you act quickly (as in the day you receive the mailing) your choices will be extremely limited at best. If you have a specific resort in mind, like we did for our upcoming trip, it’s best to scroll through the “View Offers” feature directly above the Available Rooms descriptions on the website.  Had I not used this tool I would have either grossly overpaid or not gotten into Animal Kingdom Lodge at all.  So first lesson learned: be open to all of the offers, not just that enticing advertisement with your name  on it.

Continue reading

10 Things I Loved About A Lake House Weekend

by Wendy
1) A change of scenery. As much as I love cities, I appreciated being out in the country, surrounded by family, tranquill trees, Kentucky bluegrass and greenish lake, lightening bugs and quiet.

2) Driving a boat for the first time. Feeling the warm sun and breeze cutting through a humid afternoon as you steer through the water. Stopping in the shade for some of us to swim, all of us to relax and talk and laugh. Continue reading