Welcome to Looks and Leaps! We are three sisters with a love for style (looks) and travel (leaps). We are good friends who share insights, incidents and issues with each other, so this blog will reflect a variety of topics as we look and leap through life. We’re lucky to have a family who appreciates a good story or interesting recommendation like we do, and we’ll include plenty of posts and perspectives from other members as well.

At best, we hope to offer inspiration, helpful information and entertainment. Hopefully at worse, we’ll provide some light reading as you relax with your favorite beverage or wait for a commercial to end on television. So take a break, grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine (or maybe a bourbon on the rocks if you’ve had a hard day) and read awhile. We’re glad you stopped by!

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  1. Gary David

    Hi! This site looks cool! I came here by way of my cousin Joannie in Farmingdale, NJ. I called her to let her know that the genealogy work she did many years ago is now helping a distant relative elsewhere in NJ. One thing led to another, and another, and I gave her my website and as a good deed, she is always doing good deeds by the way, she gave me yours. We don’t travel much any more but I hope to come back here with a glass of wine and do some reading!
    Oh, Joannie’s father was my grandmother’s brother. My wife and I were down there years back and Joannie took us to Asbury Park where Bruce Sprigsteen was playing then her sister Bette-Jean took us to my grandfather’s original house in Fords. WE had a swell time.
    Great site, keep up the great work!


  2. Wendy Post author

    Hi Gary, Thank you for the kind comments. I am a big fan of NJ too, and I have the best in-laws! We are discovering your website as well – stunning photography!!


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