All About the Lakes, ‘Bout the Lakes

by Cindy
On Joe and my recent trip to Banff National Park in Canada, we took tons of pictures of the beautiful scenery, but I can’t believe how many of those photos were of lakes.

The lakes in Banff were so colorful – just the most beautiful color! I would take off my sunglasses thinking they were making the color more vivid, but even with the glasses off the color was just as spectacular!

Lake Louise

I would text pictures of the lakes home to family and they would ask, “is that lake really that color?” If we said pretty or beautiful once, we said it a hundred times describing the lakes.

Peyto Lake

It is a hard decision to say which was my favorite lake, but I think Moraine Lake was stunning. The hike along that lake was unforgettable.

Moraine Lake

The Caribbean has its beautiful water, but Banff lakes are spectacular too. I feel so lucky to have seen so many of them.

Moraine Lake

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