Monthly Archives: March 2017

Air Travel Basics

by Wendy
As I prepared to go through the security checkpoint during a recent airport visit, a guard approached me and remarked, “Your flight must not leave for an hour or two.”

“Yes…why?” I asked. “Am I in the wrong line?”

“No, you’re just walking like you’ve got all the time in the world,” he shrugged.

I supposed I was fairly relaxed – an ideal state for travel. It was a quiet afternoon in a mid-size airport, my flight was scheduled to depart on time, and I was feeling particularly efficient that day. Continue reading

Happy Hour at Home

by Wendy
Jack and I have been in town a lot recently. We take advantage of time between trips to enjoy a quiet routine, including delicious home cooked meals that Jack makes and happy hour in our own living room.

Beer and wine are quite portable, easy to pack for a road trip or pop open after returning from a long journey. But you need the right ingredients and a bit more care to mix an excellent drink. So non-travel weekends often include Manhattans, gin cocktails, or my latest favorite, a Bloody Mary. We’ve tried several different recipes, but my go-to is as follows: Continue reading

March Madness

by Wendy
In honor of March Madness, when basketball fans across the country try to predict which team will win the famous college tournament, I created a “travel bracket” for Jack’s amusement. Various destinations he’s previously visited face off against each other to determine his favorites.

This is procrastination at its finest. The diagram was drawn (badly) on the back of Spanish homework while I was supposed to be studying for a midterm. But it’s fun, and inspires memories of past trips and discussions on where to go next! Jack wanted to draft a travel bracket for me as soon as he saw it – with slightly different categories such as family trips, hotels, beaches and cities. It was a close competition, but in the end I guess it was no big surprise that Madrid won for both of us

How Not to Study Spanish

by Wendy
Jack and I are taking another Spanish class this year. In many ways, we are good students. We arrive on time, we participate, we thank our teacher before leaving. We even brought her a bottle of wine, assuming that she probably needs one after listening to our horrific accent for 3 hours. We can laugh at our mistakes. We have the best of intentions to study in the evenings and on the weekends.

Unfortunately what we refer to as “studying” is a mix of mostly ineffective habits. I told Jack I was working on a post titled, “How Not to Study Spanish.” His response: “Yes, we certainly have that down.” Continue reading