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Books Read in 2017

by Wendy
One of my resolutions was to read 24 books in 2017. I reached the goal and look forward to aiming for it again in 2018. The list of what I read over the past year follows. It’s an assortment of American, French, English, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish writers. Some are classics, some were recently published, and some I’ve read previously and wanted to revisit. I actually love to reread books, which is a good thing because we have an extensive collection and it helps save money.  Continue reading

Travel and Mom

by Joe

Mom’s birthday would be March 18th. She would have been 95. However, she died a year ago last October ending a wonderful and beautiful life. Mom was a traveler both physically and mentally. She was a reader, of everything. I think that is why she loved to travel. She was an explorer and a searcher for knowledge. She was a prodigious reader and went to so many places in her mind as a young girl that she wanted to see them for herself. She was an only child and through her teenage years, she took several trips around the US with her mom and dad and sometimes with her aunt Doodee. She was fortunate enough to attend and graduate from the University of Wyoming. As an English major with several years of Latin, French and German she explored, lived with, and became part of many cultures through her extensive reading. She was a several books a week kind of reader up until a year before she died at age 93. She had an incredible life. Continue reading